Red Cross CNA Certification

In our tough economic times, many people are looking for jobs that provide job security. Going through the Red Cross CNA certification classes provides a valuable way to get into the healthcare field…

As the population ages, healthcare is becoming a highly needed field, and a CNA class can provide you with a wide range of career choices.  If you are considering entering the healthcare profession, going through a certified nursing assistant program allows you to enter the field earning money with a minimum investment of time and money.

There are many models available for CNA certification, but the Red Cross CNA certification classes are some of the most popular. These have been chosen by students across the country, since certification is available in a choice of 36 cities. The long standing reputation of the Red Cross makes it one of the best choices, with experience over the past 20 in training individuals for this field.

If you are considering nursing assistant certification, you will want to interview the chapter in your area, and find out specific state requirements. Some classes are complete within just a few weeks, with cost ranging from approximately $600 to $1500. This will vary on the length of instruction and intensity of classes.

When becoming a certified nursing assistant, you must be realistic about job expectations.  Some of the things that you might learn in your Red Cross CNA certification classes include all aspects of assisting the nursing staff.  This will include the management of patients, including taking temperature, monitoring blood pressure, pulse and assessment of level of pain. This information is recorded in patient history, so having a firm grasp on these tasks.

Other aspects of being a CNA include patient care. This may mean giving baths, assisting patients in or out of bed or wheel chairs, cleaning feeding tubes or other general care. While the nurse will be the primary party responsible for patient care, the assistant is the most valuable person a nurse can have to rely on for optimal patient attention.

The Red Cross CNA certification classes will also provide valuable information on protecting patient rights. This will include important laws for patient privacy, as well as detailed instruction on how to keep accurate records of patient care.

Certified nursing assistants can work in a wide range of fields, including emergency medicine, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities or long term care.  Once the certification is completed, the job search needs to match your needs.  One of the benefits of working in the medical field is the wide range of hours available.  Many of these facilities are open 24 hours, so a CNA may have hours at any time of day.  This can also include holidays.  Working in the medical profession offers scheduling opportunities like you don’t find in other fields.  You can work 3 or 4 days for 12 hours, and get a full time pay check. If you don’t want to work full time, then consider working PRN (part time as needed) for a supplemental income.

Upon completion of Red Cross CNA certification classes many students find their passion working in the medical field.  Often, these individuals work their way through nursing school, and ultimately a PA or nurse practitioner program.  The income and flexible scheduling is unlimited with these advanced degrees in nursing – and it can all start with a short Red Cross class that unlocks a new career.

More detailed information on classes being held in your area for Red Cross certification are available on the official website, with times and dates easily listed. Contact information is available for those wanting more details from this link.

Red Cross CNA certification classes can help you make the leap to a rewarding career. Starting with this simple course you can determine if you fit in the world of medicine, without a huge time or financial investment. The best part is that you will be helping others while providing yourself with a rewarding career.