How to Find Certified Nursing Assistant Work

Like any other profession, finding certified nursing assistant work can be a difficult task. That may sound surprising especially when you consider that the healthcare profession continues to be …

… the one with one of the highest demand for manpower now and in the foreseeable future. But finding work is always an art especially if you want to find the best possible opportunities for your skills. You must follow some basic principles if you want to set yourself apart from all other candidates.

There are specific qualities that are looked for by anyone advertising certified nursing assistant work. It is knowing these qualities and demonstrating that you have them that will put you in good position to get certified nursing assistant work. Take this into consideration when you update your curriculum vitae and cover letter in addition to attaching copies of the relevant credentials such as your Certified Nursing Assistant certificate.

Once you have your documentation ready, then you can now embark on your search for certified nursing assistant work. There are certain places that must be part of these early stages of searching for a job. First is the institution where you attended your CNA training classes. This can prove helpful on two fronts.

Either you can get a position in the institution or you could benefit from advertisements of job opportunities in health care facilities with whom they have a working relationship or collaboration. This is an excellent starting point since the institution can even recommend you for a specific opening and you can get your instructors to write you a positive recommendation letter since they will most probably familiar with the expectations of the advertising institutions.

Key to finding certified nursing assistant work is your networking skills. During the course of your studies, you must have interacted with numerous nurses, doctors and general caregivers. Since they are already in the marketplace, such contacts can be vital in helping you know when there is a vacancy that matches your skills even before the job is advertised.

Maintain positive and professional relationships with them as this will provide impetus for them to recommend you for jobs since they already know your work ethic, your personality and other personality traits that are key to making you a great employee. Even if they cannot offer you jobs when you need them, such contacts are still beneficial as they can act as your referees on your CV and vouch for your skills. Part of networking also means ask around from friends and family just in case they know of places where certified nursing assistant work may be available.
Like any other profession, the health care industry as a whole as well as the nursing assistant profession have various regularly published journals and magazines. These publications will often feature nursing assistant job advertisements at health care facilities. This means that you must actively follow each new release of the publications so you can be certain to catch the advertisement on time.

There are online nursing assistant forums that list available certified nursing assistant work. Many internet net job boards too feature nursing assistant positions. In fact, registering on such internet sites is considered a basic part of looking for certified nursing assistant work nowadays. This is because more and more employers are turning to the internet as the way to hiring employees. The internet has both reduced the cost of advertising while at the same time expanding the audience that the job advert will reach.

Register with a recruitment agency. Larger employers often outsource a significant part of their hiring to these recruitment agencies in order to reduce the level of resources expended were the employer to handle the entire recruitment process in house. That said, you need to get on a well-established and respected recruitment agency. All health care institutions would want employees that are trustworthy, reliable and professional due to the sensitive nature of the job – the agency that handles your job search can play a major role in bolstering your image in the eyes of employers.

You could also do it the traditional way and visit hospitals and nursing homes around your neighborhood where you could try to find ways of getting a foot in. This may even mean volunteering your services as this can be a good launch pad since it allows them to observe your good work and thus consider you for permanent employment. In any case, volunteering work is also work experience and contributes a lot to your learning process.