Career Advantages of Being a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants are currently in great demand as the need for qualified health care professionals soars as more and more people begin to rely on health assistance particularly the elderly population.

Deciding to become a certified nursing assistant or CNA can greatly increase one’s prospects for employment, one’s personal earning potential and prepares the individual to advance in the health care field. In considering becoming a CNA or certified nursing assistant, it is important to consider the type of skills needed to do this job.

CNA’s need to be caring, patient and understanding as they will be working with populations such as the elderly who are solely dependent upon the nurse’s assistant for their basic care. In addition, becoming a certified nursing assistant or CNA does require the ability to be accurate and a willingness to be thorough and follow directions. Being able to respond in a timely manner to patients with physical distress, disability, monitoring a patient’s needs such as accurate vital signs and making sure that patients are turned properly to prevent bedsores and other aliments is essential.

Likewise, when considering a career as a nurse’s aide or certified nursing assistant it is necessary to gauge whether dealing with human specimens such as urine, blood and feces is something that is tolerable. Many nursing assistants are able to learn much from their jobs and gain highly qualified skills particularly if they work in a hospital setting. Such settings introduce the certified nursing assistant to situations which will further develop his/her ability to care for patients on a variety of other levels.

In addition, a certified nurse’s assistant can learn how to remain rational and calm in a variety of trauma situations which will in turn increase his/her ability to care for patients thoroughly and efficiently. As a certified nursing assistant or CNA develops more technical skills such as getting vital signs, assisting patients with rang of motion exercises and monitoring the a patient’s bodily fluids, these skills can significantly increase earnings.