Career Advancement as a CNA

Many CNA’s continue their education to become registered nurses or RN’s, which is the next step in advancement in responsibilities and pay. CNA’s and nursing as a whole is expected to grow 19 percent faster than the average of all other occupations through the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means advancement opportunities are wide open for you if you are currently a CNA or are currently studying.

Career Path Plan

One of the main objectives to advancing your career as a certified nursing assistant is having a clear path and career objectives. While many people choose to go the route of a registered nurse, this does take more training and perhaps you went for the CNA so that you could quickly train and get working earning an income while you plan your next career path. Career opportunities abound for CNA’s, but you should be prepared for further education, because this is the true route to taking on more responsibility and a huge pay increase.

Check with your employer if you currently work as a certified nursing assistant because many times there are programs in place to actually help pay for your education. There is a shortage of nurses and always room for more, so your chances to advance are very possible. If you must work as a CNA as you continue your nursing education toward your RN licensure, it will be challenging, but it is attainable and you can take classes in the evening, during the day, and sometimes on the weekends.

Check with Local Community Colleges and Hospitals

The fastest way to earn your RN is via a community college program that is most likely a two-year associates degree that qualifies you to sit for the RN exam and then begin practicing as a registered nurse. More advancement opportunities await if you continue for your BSN, which is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The difference with a BSN compared to an RN are responsibilities as well as pay. The top RN’s go on to receive their MSN, which is a Master of Science in Nursing, this degree allows you to work in more management settings. It is not as popular of a degree as the RN or BSN track, but it is available at anytime.

Taking Charge of Your Career

The nice aspect to the nursing profession is it allows you to take complete control of your nursing career. You can advance as far as you wish based on how much education you are willing to receive. In addition, if you are located in large metropolitan areas of the country or in cities where nurses are in short supply, you may find much of your education paid for as long as you agree to work for a specified number of hours at a specific hospital once you graduate. This often works out very well for those that do not want to take out student loans but wish to further their educations.

As a CNA, you are needed very desperately, but so are RN’s and BSN’s, so therefore, getting your feet wet by first pursuing the certified nursing assistant program is an excellent way to work while you are furthering your education. This of course, makes very good sense for single mothers. However, the nursing profession, which was once dominated by women are seeing more men enrolled in nursing than ever before.

Final Thoughts

As a CNA, career advancements abound, but they do not come by the way of working at the right hospital or facility, they come by furthering your education. The more nursing education you have and of course, once you have the RN certification under you, the sky is the limit.